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City trip to Paris with your SD card or micro SD card

Paris is known across the world as the city of love. It is not only coupled, however, who enjoy traveling to Paris. It is difficult to say what most attracts people to this lovely city. Maybe the Eiffel Tower or maybe very delicious food and special croissants or historical places? There is so much to see and do that this city has to be on top of your bucket list.

A lot of people travel to Paris only for awesome photos by the Eiffel Tower. Every professional photographer will tell you that if you want to get good quality photos for your social media you have to take at least a few hundred pictures just to get that picture that you want to keep and share. To be able to store that many pictures you will need a memory card. You have to make sure that you have enough memory in your device and to buy an extra SD card or micro SD card. Believe me, in this city you will need a few memory cards or just one high-capacity memory card to save all your memories in this historical city of love. A good memory card is the SanDisk Extreme Pro. This product line is available for a SD card and micro SD card

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The most beautiful places for your SD card

You can make beautiful pictures of the Arc de Triomphe with your SanDisk Extreme Pro micro SD card or SD card.
  1. Eiffel Tower
  2. Louvre museum
  3. Disneyland Paris
  4. Châteaux de Vaux-le-Vicomte
  5. Moulin Rouge

Of course, in the first place is Eiffel Tower. Why? Because Eiffel Tower is a symbol of love. A lot of couples are coming to Paris for a vacation but mostly men take their women to Paris to ask them to marry them. These moments are always recorded with phones or cameras. That is why before you embark on this city trip you need to make sure you pack some extra SD cards or micro SD cards because you never know what might happen there!

Louvre museum is the biggest and most popularly visited museum in France. You can see popular paintings in this museum such as the Mona Lisa and sculptures like the Sphinx sculpture. Many photographers are coming to this place with professional cameras to make beautiful photos for their albums or social media. That is why they always have an extra supply of SD cards so they are sure there is always enough storage space to capture every moment.

The third place is Paris Disneyland. You will feel like you are in a dream world. Trolls, gnomes and other fairy tale characters, various attractions and delicious food – all attracts Disneyland fans. When visiting Disneyland, you should take both pictures and shoot commemorative short videos to share with family and friends. These unforgettable moments you will want to receive again and again. I recommend you to record every moment while you are there. Just make sure that you have plenty of memory cards on you. My number one is Sandisk Extreme Pro memory cards as these are very fast cards so you do not have to worry that the read and write speeds turn out to be insufficient for your device.

Best places to eat for pictures on the SanDisk Extreme Pro SD card

You need to visit Paris Louvre museum  with your SanDisk Extreme Pro memory card. For example the SD card of this product line.
  1. La Caféothèque de Paris – the most delicious coffee in the entire city
  2. Osteria Ferrara – Italian restaurant with the best seafood and Italian flour dishes
  3. Chambelland Boulangerie – on this place you will find pieces of bread, cupcakes, tartlets and other delicacies that you have not seen anywhere else
  4. La Cave – here you will find the most delicious wine

If you had not yet decided where your next city trip would take you, let me ensure you that the city of love is a worthy destination. You will love it so much that you will need to take even more memory cards (SD card and micro SD card) along with you. Better safe than sorry!

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